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  • Still loving this script, and finding it very useful!  I was wondering if there's a way to maintain the effect through parenting? For example, let's say I have three shape layers with Border Patrol applied, and I parent two of the layers to the thir…
  • Great script and I'm loving it so far. Thanks for your work on this and making it available. As a suggestion for a future update (if it's possible within Ae), I think it'd be useful to be able to apply this selectively to groups or individual shape…
  • Great tool and super easy to use. Purchased and used it on a project same day with great results.  As a suggestion for future updates, if possible it'd be great to see a seamless loop function in the Noise settings.  Thanks!
    in Aura Comment by Jason Watson June 2019
  • In my experience, Lazy 2 is a fairly large step backwards from Lazy 1 in terms of functionality and ease of use. #1: It simply will not begin the layer distribution where I tell it to; it starts the distribution further forward in the timeline than …
  • Does the 3.7 version remove the Layer to Loop functionality?
  • I was trying out the trial version of this, and found that trying to undo (I used Cmd+Z) after applying and moving one of the Nulls consistently causes After Effects to crash. It seems if you make other changes you can undo those changes, but once y…
  • This is a really great script, and super useful. It really cuts out a lot of the grunt work for simple text animations. A couple feature requests that might be useful for any forthcoming versions: 1. A way to mirror the parameters of the In and O…
  • Really enjoying this incredibly useful script- thanks!