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  • It doesnt work in team projects. I tried the trial version in after effects, when I try to open setting it says to save the project.
  • This is quite slow when converting more text. I converted paragraph to words (52) it look 45 seconds and decompose text which is free scipt takes only 10 sec for the same task
  • Does it have kbar integration?
  • This is such good script helps to assemble multiple scripts and expression. I have few feature request which would make it even more practical 1. There is preset colors. I had changed the hex code in one. But it doesnt reflect in all of them. Color …
  • Hey, is there is any way to duplicate the buttons we made?
  • Hello, Great script. Wish to have a feature where it selects all the layer at current time frame
  • Hey could labels have this function implemented, like when we click label color with shift it selects all the layer for that color, I want to select only layers at which are at the current time indicator(one have to trim the layer in order to best t…
  • Hey could this feature be implemented where it add guide to 'baseline' and 'x' height of the text layers, that would be such an ease to work with text
  • I am trying the free trial one issue is it doesnt recognize collapse transformation button is on. Is there is anything I am doing wrong?
    in Guides Comment by mayank maurya April 5
  • Happy April Fool...text cannot be changed, I used NFT
    in NFT Comment by mayank maurya April 2
  • Hey, great job with the script. So much thanks to save so much hours. Two feature I wanna implement is  1. Set the scale and opacity value just like we set for rotation and opacity. Currently it does 0 to 100 by default. And maybe clicking button wi…
  • I am using the trial version to test out the plugin. I found issue that it constantly shows that I need to relink. And when I cancel and press the 'sync watch bins' button twice it works. Also its show some wired error. Functionality of the script w…
  • I am trying for the projects and its working great. One issue I have is this changes the label color. And the way I work is heavily dependent on the label color. Could this be fixed, so it wont change the label color. I am using trial version for no…
  • I tried free version and set the FPS to 30 and click the create button and my cursor turns in a sand clock cursor immediately and its not going away. I doesnt allow me to do any work not even letting me to take the screen shot. Please resolve the is…
  • Hey, Could someone explain what GEOlayers Mapdata is?. I own geo layers and its working fine. Why someone buy the mapdata subsciption?
  • Can I use my sound as well from the animation composer's interface? Its quite visual and works great to easily see and apply musci which is quite a pain now.
  • Hey Marco,Great concept with tool but when I tried the trial version to check before purchasing. Unfortunately it doesnt work at all. I selected keyframe copy or save selected animation it doesnt work. It turns off the visibility of the layer I am a…
  • I have been using your tools for month and thats quite amazing and I just cant tell you how great it feels to animate the layer without opening those triangles. And the shorcut on top of those changes the functionality of it is another great thing. …
  • I used the trial version. And issue is coming that when I tap add button and that refresh button no more than 2 colors are added to the Ray Dynamic Color palette. Secondly, the other issue is part from those 2 colors (even when the palette is empty)…
  • If I animate a comp and say use 'keyframe trimmer' will it trim?