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  • One of the worst script I have ever noticed on AESCRIPTS portal. I tried many ways and many times but it just dont work and on top of it, author does not believe in providing detail step by step tutorials so totally worthless. Wait till someone clev…
  • I understand it can do simple thing but when tried to make complex music and precise marker place, it override marker and cut the length automatic. I can send my project to oversee for you.
  • First of all it crashes my PC when downloaded trial version with sample AE project. Then when tried to run the script, it asks for activation number even though I downloaded a trial version. Crap script
  • If the tutor wants to rush on tutorials then he must have paste the expression instead of talking too fast and finish the tutorials like in the race.
  • Followed the tutorial but trial version does nothing on Solid layer. One can read DEMO text as effects.
  • Where is Font Manager stored ideally? I tried inside UI Panel but even though jsx files are not recognizable. Its not showing in the font manager panel.
  • This GoType thing does nothing at all in trial mode. Wonder why you are offering to run as a test? I wanted this tool so badly but have to wait until some real magic comes. Not worth to even take a look.
  • It would be highly appreciated if the instructions on "How to Install" matches the content you provide. In GoType folder when we unzip, it has Effects Control Folder in side it but when we try to run the script, it ask for GoType folder. Strangely, …
  • Could you please show us how to achieve step by step tutorials instead of fast pace final result by you? User should be known algoritham of how it works rather than you leave on us we already know what is in your brain.
  • Name is easy bounce but operation is hard...even installation is not taking place as tutorial suggest. Manually installed and some error messages are popping out so definitely not worth of it.
  • JAVIER PUEYO said: After purchasing and downloading the Springy FX script, and following the installation instructions in detail, the script does not work properly with After effects cc 2018. Make sure you are compatible, but it is not true. …
  • This is definitely one of the worst video on available AE Scripts tutorial section. The presenter looks totally lost and mumbling for over 24 minutes. Moreover scripts does nothing new when I tried and scrap in seconds. Totally waste of time.
    in Vigoro Comment by Raju Sachania May 2020
  • Truly Rocket Science Presets....Need a masters degree to run this presets....