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  • Just purchased and it's great!  Couple things tho that would make it better1. one button, multiple actions, as in Photoshop actions.  Example: precompose all layers, assign label "Red"2. easier way to assign menu items.  Can't find some. Example: as…
  • also I need it bigger than 1080p.  Possible?
  • Hi,Great plugin for my needs.  Can I make the background transparent?  I need the graph over a video.
  • I love this script when I can get it to work properly but here's a wishlist:1. Perform the crop operation on multiple layers at once.2. Auto reposition anchor point3. Speed boost.
  • Just bought this.... not working for me either. Using CS6. Correction: it works when the comp isn't too huge to begin with. There must be some kind of upper limit to how big the comp can be before you crop it. EDIT: WHEN I RUN THE SCRIPT FROM THE…