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  • KBar crashes AE whenever I try to close one of the KBar windows...any known bugs for this? Working in 2019. Can't upgrade to 2020 due to studio policy yet.
    in KBar2 Comment by Tommy Wooh March 2020
  • Would really love to have unlimited K-bars, rather than the restricted amount of 4-windows. Also would love to have the ability to name those bars so that we can separate them by subjects (ie. animation, rendering, workflow, etc.).
    in KBar2 Comment by Tommy Wooh May 2019
  • Interesting. Would be nice to be able to display multiple toolbars at once, rather than only one. Also having a dual, or triple monitor setup isn't ideal if you have to constantly go back to one monitor to access these.
    in KBar Comment by Tommy Wooh November 2018
  • Is there a way for this to be tied into Google Docs, or are there any plans to do so?
  • Unfortunately this script doesn't create proxies for image sequences with embedded alphas.  This is a deal-breaker for me.