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  • Hello I'm currently using v2 and the instructions in the quickstart guide @ 20:08 aren't producing the same result in my comp. Specifically my hold keyframes don't seem to be keeping the collage in place and the collage is moving to the bottom right…
  • Just bought and am excited to use. Would it be possible to make the UI adaptive so that when icons are used you can make the pallette a thin vertical strip? If so would it involve utilizing AE extensions?
  • Hello. I was excited about the script until trying to use it on my current project. It's incredibly slow to the point of being worthless. Please understand that I'm not trying to be disparaging. It's just that it currently seems to take less time to…
  • Hello it's me again. I'm not trying to be disparaging but the script is basically unusable for me. Maybe I'm doing something wrong with how I'm creating my Kbars. I'm working on a fairly typical motion graphics piece; nothing fancy. Not sure what's …
  • Love the organization but it runs extremely slow in on my setup and then causes AE to . Heavy projects seem to break it? Thoughts?
  • Can you please give the option to have the visual guide be off by default?
  • Can you please provide a list of render farms that do support Paint & Stick 2?
  • Thanks Chris, proxies don't seem to work with Paint & Stick...  Based on your responses regarding duration, would you say that Paint & Stick would take the same amount of time to stick a 400 frame shot as it would a 1600 frame shot given tha…
  • I have a 1600 frame comp that I'm succesfully sticking live comps in however the "sticking process" takes quite a long time. Could I save time by breaking up the 1600 frame comp into separate shots with a shorter duration?
  • Is it possibe to create proxies of the Sticky and ID passes for faster playback in AE?
  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Pixel Plow support Also I found that unchecking "Render Scene" in the Paint & Stick Settings helped render times significantly.
  • Fair enough. Do you know of any render farms that support Paint & Stick?
  • Are there any tips to make the just the ID and Sticky passes render faster in C4D?
  • Hiya I'm currently using the trial and the Paint & Stick plugin isnt showing up in the plugins dropdown within C4D
  • Ah, totally missed that. Thanks M----------------r
  • When making keyframes (via "Add keyframe...at current time" in the Comp panel) to the CC Power Pin effect after applying tracking data with "live expression instead of keyframes" enabled, the pins move to arbituarry locations instead of remaining in…
  • Sorry will do and thanks!
  • Hey Zack thanks for responding. So here're my cards: This is happening when I try to load any third party script not just ESL. I tried to contact Adobe directly via my CC account but to my extreme annoyance they've refused to help stating I should r…
  • Started getting the following error when attempting to start the script: "Unable to execute script at line 1. book is undefined" thoughts?