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  • Trial is not working for me. Does Blinky support variable font styles?The problem I have with regular typing presets is that you can't use different styles.
  • As of now the extension doesn't change to the appearance of your after effects UI.  I have it setup lighter and the extension stays dark.Just fyi
  • Erlend Kristiansen said: When I try to press it in windows exstensions nothing happens. All the other extensions work fine, is this a known bug? Just bought it specifically for the project am working on right now so if you can answer quickly …
  • the wayne said: Just updated AE to 17.6.0 and KBar is blank... Completely blank, not even settings available...   Any glaringly obvious fix i am missing?  I have the same issue. Some icons are blank. When I try to reload the icons it sta…
  • How do you work with monospacing if you have two lines?Digit Fiddler offsets the second line to the right.
  • Is it possible to use this script and individual buttons with kbar?
  • Rafi Khan said: Jason Jantzen said: What's the status on fixing the window resizing bug? Every time I open AE, the Kbar window is resized. Hi Jason, this is a bug in AE and how it manages workspaces.  Unfortunately, there's nothin…
  • Ben Pohl said: Could you provide a headless version of the "mirror button" to use with ft-toolbar? +1
  • ft-toolbar has the option to use multiple functions on one button, like for example click gives you a wiggle(1,10) and alt-clicking it give you wiggle(2,20). Do you have this option with kbar?
  • How do i resize?