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  • Love the updater app.  I've collected quite a lot of scripts that are outmoded or I don't use.  It would be nice if there were a way to archive or delete unused scripts. Thanks! Raoul
  • Hi, Very useful app.  With the latest iteration of AE CC 2014 however the Apply Button is missing from the compsetter window, so I have no way to use it.  Is this a bug? Thanks, Raoul
  • Hi Mathias, I just bought mochaimport+. Wonderful program. Thanks. Just one small issue, when I click Track in Mocha I get an error message: "License Error: mocha AE CC must only be launched from After Effects." Thanks for your advice! Raoul
  • This is a wonderful plugin!   I make documentaries and have been creating my own projection maps using the laborious grid on solid method.  I also create 3D camera moves in depth on still photos by breaking them into layers using PTMultiPlane.  I ju…