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  • Hi, when exporting a comp, the effect is not rendered. Why? AE 22.4.0 MAC 0S 12.5.01
  • Hi, I have an issue with visibility of a swatch. It's the first swatch in row that does not stay visible.I imported some other textures and they stay visible all the time.After effects 2019 MAC OS Catalina 10.15.7
  • Hi, global renamer just renames only the first one of the selected items in the projects panel. It did work previously and i didn't update AE. i use version 2.3Do i have to check any of the boxes in the preferences section? and so, wich one?
  • Thanks, the update works fine!
  • I downloaded from my AE scripts accountpage and (re)installed Puppet tools after it stopped working a while ago. I have now version 3. I see there is a newer version. How do i obtain the update? This version does not seem to be fully functional. I'm…
  • Hi,I have an issue with the switch templates; the different arm part's transparancy's (upper arm, lower arm, hand) are switching on and of in an offset manner.Moving the bodyturn joystick does not switch the transparancy on or of at the same time wh…
  • Hi, Is there a way to put joysticks and sliders back to the original comp once you moved them? i see you still can unbind them but i want to be able to fully remove moved joysticks and sliders from a scene. Now you have to delete them and remove the…
  • Hi, nice work!
  • Hi, Gifgun won't render gifs from Comps with expressions in it. Can you fix that? 
  • It worked for about ten minutes, then it crashed. It blinkes 0& ready, it can not overwrite a file i think.
  • Hi, i purchased your script to be able to make character rigging and animation less troublesome. Somehow the grouping messes up all scripting concerning nulls to Puppettool Pins, controllers etc. Even if all layers that are connected and parented ar…