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  • Oh, and I just tried to close a docked panel with this in and it caused a weird unresponsive/crash in AE. Use with caution.
    in Align3D Comment by Paul Gale November 10
  • I presume this is a dead script now? Icons etc are well out of whack on v22.
    in Align3D Comment by Paul Gale November 10
  • Mike Overbeck said: Fahim Arif said: Hiya Mike. I'm using the most uptodate version of joysticknsliders but I'm facing an issue. Whenever I try to create a slider ui for a slider I've created earlier, it gives me the naming conflict er…
  • I like the look of this and have just downloaded the trial - however, I sometimes want to only organise a subfolder structure. i.e. I have some top level folders VIDEO1, VIDEO1, VIDEO3 etc which are separate animations within a series. I'd like to c…
  • can you ramp up the numbers - e.g. I want to start at 1840 and count up to 65,000,000 slowly at the start and increasing speed. Does the number multiplier work to allow this? As an aside, a free animation preset called Counter Pro uses a position pi…
  • I just wanted to say thanks to Markus for developing this plugin - I've now had it for about a week and already just comp0leted my first project for a government organisation. I love it - massively in-depth and so many features. Really cool plugin …
  • Hi,Is there a suggested or simple way to include a cloud layer in a zoom in/out of a map? Any explanations or tutorials out there - I’ve not found anything so far.  Thanks. 
  • Are those last comments really from today? I just came here to ask the same re colour picker - it's REALLY difficult to work what that terrible system colour picker. Having another better option would be awesome
  • Max - do you mean the plugin generally isn't working for you? I used it just the other day and it seemed to be working fine for me (latest version of AE)
  • Michael Lynch said: Any chance of updating for cc 2017 What do you mean? It is working in 2017. Yeah working for me ok in CC2017
  • I'm getting an error when trying to use Rift in CC2017 whenever I try to move keyframes only without moving layers: Instead of how it used to work, it now does not move keyframes, but deletes the selected keyframes on the top layer of the group I se…
    in Rift Comment by Paul Gale January 2017
  • Doesn't seem to work at all in the latest version of AE - 2015.3
  • Works fine for me with no issues. AE 2015.2 ( on Windows 10 and TCD 3.9.7
  • Working really nicely now The extra random beats are interesting. very cool how it detects and places these.
  • You might want to add the drop down box position thing in the known issues - although it's not a major issue.
  • Hi Paul, yes, we definitely plan a version for AE. However, it won't be a simple port of the Premiere tool. In Premiere all you need is editing in sync with the beat, i.e. generating markers. In AE you most likely want to animate stuff in sync with …
  • Well we're getting there - thanks to Mathias and his very quick support, the beats are now being detected properly. Just one little issue to solve with the create markers not working and I think all will be well. I must say that the beat detection …
  • Ummm, doesn't work. I installed successfully as per your instructions and video. I'm running Premiere 2015.0 so installed that version of the plugin. When I loaded the Beat Edit plugin and then selected 'Load Music', any WAV file I load results in…
  • I'm excited to try this out. Are you planning on updating AE Beat Assistant to the new technology?
  • Is there an issue with the latest AE CC? I've not used rubberize it for a while and just trying in a project but it's INCREDIBLY slow - several minutes after clicking rubberize. This is on a pre-comp about 500x500 px and 6 puppet pins. I just appli…
  • The help window doesn't work properly with CC 2015 - can't close it.
  • will do...
  • Oh, and the mask path never fills with keyframes - should it?
  • I'm having a problem with a mask of 37 points and have set vertices only. I've created null controllers for all the points and then applied a wiggle to those nulls. I can see the expression points moving but the mask doesn't draw/update. Well, it so…
  • When is your new version out?
  • Hi Francois, Great work - seem s to be MUCH more responsive and easier to use than v1 One issue I'm seeing which I think was also the case in v1 is that sometimes using shape avenger, the control points for the shape vertices are way offset. 2D s…
  • Sounds great
  • Are there any changes in the way it'll work - or have you managed to get it working any smoother than with the limitations of CC2104 and below?
  • Great - bet it's a lot of work!
  • Can't wait - had to re-install CC 2014 to use the old version of MA