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  • Nimrod Zin said: When installing directly from the aescripts manager we don't download any file so no readme was provided. Thanks for pointing that out.  Actually they are downloaded. If you right-click on the Plugin in the AE Scipt…
  • same here, hoping for it since years.
  • Are you the same guys with a different name that also did Real Glow or why is this now recomendet instead of RG and released the same moment support is dropped for it? I am pretty disappointed that support was already dropped for Real Glow without …
  • Thanks for the reply. The installer (ae scripts plugin manager) says its not compatible. Should I be able to install it anyways? Cheers, Simon
  • Is there any plan to update it to make it CC18 compatible?
  • Hello, Is there an Update planned to make it compatible with cc18? would be very nice as it is useless now thank you
  • Hello, Is there an Update coming soon to add CC18 compatibility?
  • Can you please make an Update so it is compatible with CC18?
  • Hello Paul I have a Problem with the Plugin. I did the Lyrics in the Karafun Studio and saved as KFN File. When I import it via your plugin everything works fine except it does not add the Bouncing Ball, even though I set the Checkbox. When I im…