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  • Just wondering how well these effects work over predominately white frames (given that they are made over a black background). I want to use them in transitions to add some spectral flare to the frames.. I have found keying in the past on RGB channe…
  • I'm guessing this doesn't work with an animated path? I'll give it a go and find out. 
  • Can anyone recommend someone who's a wiz on Plexus in Sydney Australia?  Just PM me.. thanks John
  • Hi Like the script - but a couple of suggestions to enhance workflow and usability.1. Would be great if you could pre-comp the arrows. At the moment if you pre-comp you break the expressions. In fact if each arrow was automatically created in a pre-…
  • Nice - works in a similar way to a Layers to Markers script that I use (but with way more options!). One piece of added functionality you might want to include is not to trim the layers at all - for example I use my layers to markers script to move …
  • Looks like a great product. I know its primarily a grading tool but will also be very useful for legalising broadcast video. Having some broadcast "safe colours" and "safe levels" presets for the scopes for working in the 709/601 colourspaces would …
  • I'd probably just try mesh warp or bezier warp..then some subtle lights. 
  • But doesn't SHIFT-CTRL-W already do this? Always worked for me...OK - it closes all the active comps but no biggie..(I suppose shift-command-w on mac)