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  • If you drag a marker and drop it too close to another one, AE will eliminate one of them. That will cause there to be less markers than the Monkey expressions are counting on. Dan
  • Ah, OK. I don't think there's any way to make that work because the code is so dependent on the UI. I think it would take a modified version of TypeMonkey to support something like that. Dan
  • I just tried it and I can launch if from this script: var TypeMonkey = new File("/c/test/TypeMonkey.jsxbin"); $.evalFile(TypeMonkey); I wasn't able to do it from the command line with this: c:\"Program Files"\Adobe\"Adobe After Effects CC 2014"\"…
  • Hi Steve--that line number doesn't correspond to anything in TypeMonkey that would generate a message like that. I would recommend removing your script panels one at a time and restarting AE each time to see if that reveals the culprit.
  • Robert, we just posted a new version (1.04) that may solve your problem. Give it a try and see if it helps.You can download the new version from the 'My Downloads & Licenses'  (https://aescripts.com/downloadable/customer/products/) section of yo…
  • I'm zeroing in on one scenario that could cause that message. When TypeMonkey starts up, it writes a temporary file to your desktop so that it can load its header image. If AE doesn't have permission to do that, you'll see that error. Can you verify…
  • Which version of AE are you running, and which OS?
  • Sorry that it's not working for you. Are you using a non-english version of AE? Would it be possible for you to post a screen shot of TypeMonkey's UI and a simple project file demonstrating the failure(so we can see exactly how far it is getting)?
  • Hi Paul, Thanks for the feedback. I can't seem to reproduce the problem. Are you talking about TypeMonkey's "Undo it" button, or AE's Edit > Undo Create TypeMonkey Layers? Also, is it the the control ("... (ctrl)" layers that are not being delet…
  • This note is for anyone that has experienced the problem with the non-animating MonkeyCam--we believe this issue has been resolved with the latest TypeMonkey update (v1.02). You can download the latest version from the 'My Downloads & License…