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  • Wondering if BAO Bones is able to create a chain of multiple inline bones, like a jointed snake? 
  • Feature request: make a gradient tool that graduates from the outer rim of any shape gradually toward the center of the shape, keeping in line with the shape of the object. Like radial but keeping the same shape of the object instead of a circle. So…
  • Thanks Adam, I'm sure multidimensional array control is complicated and tricky. I figured you could duplicate a repeated row, but you don't have the same kind of control I'd imagine you could have with a fully implemented grid. I'm looking to contro…
  • I'd love to see this script work in multiple dimensions at once. For example I can repeat in X, but then I also want to repeat in Y, making a grid of comps. And then repeat in Z, making a cube of comps. Can I use a repeater ON a repeater to accompli…
  • Yes, an option to "uncrop" would be great. Where the contents of the comp have extended beyond its boundaries and you want the comp to be resized to the max dimensions.  
  • This still works for me in 2019. Not sure what other people are experiencing. If Michael ever updates this, I'd add a 'work area' checkbox under the Time Affect section. I use this for retiming things a lot and have to adjust the work area after ret…
    in Rift Comment by Sam Mattson June 2019
  • I grabbed a demo of this plugin and I'm seeing the same thing as Sébastien Bruzzo below. The supersampling creates a weird sub-pixel dark line around the shadow and doesn't make the edges look much less aliased. Any plans on improving this in the fu…
  • In your next version add the ability to automatically duplicate layers. For example, I have 3 layers, but I want a 20x10 grid comprised of those 3 layers, with the option of having them sequentially or randomly placed in the grid. 
  • It would be great if "fix expressions" also looked at the comp scope of the created expressions.For example, if you complete a paintout and then precomp it, the expressions break because they're still referencing the comp where they were originally …
  • Nevermind! I found that Rift can do this exact thing, I just didn't know it could!
  • I have acquired the old script if anyone is interested in revising it or using it as a base. 
  • What's in store for the next version? When's it being released?
  • Suggestion for the next version: Font support. Put a font name in a cell and the text field would change to that font. I know font names can get complicated, so it might be good to just have a "Font1" and corresponding font selector in the Templater…