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  • Yes, this would be a great function, so far I have been searching a expression or script that can help me make an offset on any property how PARROT, but all options that I have seen has the same problem and is a bit tedious and inaccurate position t…
  • It's nice but when I "parrot" my layers these change of position, so I have to put them back into position  
  • I would like to see the new features on video
  • Well in fact I'm trying only to simulate your tutorial but so far I couldn't I'd like see your file project but I attached my file, if you would say me on what I'm wrong, when I make the last step for link the alpha matte something doesn't work.P.D…
  • Hello!Well I have been trying use the "position- along parent-layers surface" and it doesn't work when there is a camera and I can't quite understand the isInLayer-slider, I have been following the video instruction but my project doesn't work I hop…