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  • When is 2021 compatible version coming?
  • Is there a way to set the Fill color? It looks like it wants a number or something to put in the Fill color box. Can I set some sort of default color so I don't have to twirl down the layer parameters for each text? MacOS AE 2019 16.0.0
  • I tried loading in some 16 bit, 48kHz .aif music files, but get the error message: JavaScript Alert - file:/// Could not decode audio file:null Probably you are using an unsupported audio format.  Please try to convert your audio file to a WAV file…
  • Is there a way to change the color of text using RDC?
  • Hi Ada! Enjoying your script.  Thank you. What is the most efficient way to replace an image in a split layer effect? I am trying to figure out how to replace the image I've used without re-doing the all the steps each time. My final animation is a…
  • I've applied Random to my layers, and decided I want Cycle.  It doesn't seem to work as marker isn't causing cycling colors.  I'm thinking it's an either or situation, so how can I remove the Random effect from my layers so I can apply the Cycle ef…
  • I've imported an .ase file - good.  And I've added a few other colors to the palette.  How can I save that new palette to use in other projects? Can I export an .ase file?
  • I think so.  "Load" is something in the MM script GUI in AE?  What about Monkey Tools installation?
  • MotionMoneky Installation Question The instructions tell me where to put the .jsxbin file. = Good, clear. Done that. But there's also a "Presets" folder in the download.  What am I suppose to do with that and how do they work? MonkeyTools Installat…