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  • hi all is possible to have a little step-by, mini guide or tutorial about how to refine of the mask for skin?? let me explain: i'm try to figure out how to refine the selection for the skin after the plugIn is dropped on footage... i'm trying around…
  • Hi all, i have to update my previous post: the strange fact happen with "Shape layer" not with "Solid layer"... just for let you know...
  • hi all i'm again making some experiment and i see a strange fact... when i apply the sway, sway point are created far from my Puppet Point i upload an image to show where is my vector layer and where are the sway point in red... any clue
  • wow ok i've understand and the process is more visible with the last branch at (3:26~)  thanks usefull!!
  • hi all, i was try out the Auto Sway plugIn for curiosity, it seems a good tool very funny!! but i came up with a question... is possible to attach the Layer where the Auto Sway is applied to a Null for moving around the sway?? Is a limitation of …