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  • If I hvae Kbar 1, is there a discount? 
    in KBar2 Comment by Tim Stotz October 2021
  • Is there any kind of discount for a person who purchased version 1?
  • I just purchased the Mocha Pro AE plugin where you apply Mocha as an effect, instead of going out to the separate app. Will there be future functionality to hit the "Track in Mocha" button in your panel, and have it apply the effect to the selected …
  • It worked well for the many, many scripts I got from you guys with one exception: BG Renderer Basic. I glean from the other comments that, you guys have some apps not ready for compatibility and are working on it. But, I thought I'd alert you.  This…
  • I'm not good at all at Scripting or Expressions. I bought this tool largely because I wanted to use it to convert the spatial interpolation of keyframes to Linear. I either don't know how to go down more than one level in the Menu command with this …