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  • Love it and purchased it! Any chance of a cc cylinder or Element Tutorial. Not sure how to approach it.  Thanks for considering it.
  • Can't get trial to work? Panel comes up blank but no emojis
  • Also not workin on Windows 10 AE 2022. Same errors. Please resolve.
  • Not working on Windows 11 AE 2022:  JavaScript Error. When will it be updated and resolved? Otherwise I will need a refund. Thanks for taking care of this in a timely fashion
  • I purchased AE Viewer BP from Videohive (no longer available on that site).  Is this better or different? Can I get the Pro Version at a discount. I am assuming it is the same product. Please advise and thank you for the free version
  • Can Squash and Stretch work with Element 3d?  Thanks for letting me know.
  • Thanks for your help Alex
  • Hi Alex, Using the jsbin files? How do I change the color of all the letters I have made at once? I don't see that under the controller? Please advise and thank you.
  • Purchased and installed. I only have 7 compositions available.  Please advise or refund. I have purchased most of your products.  I must be doing something wrong.  AE202 Windows 10
  • I own transfusion. How is this different and if so how do I upgrade or purchase it?
  • What do I need to name the Font Manager folder and where do I put it. Very confused.  No folder automatically made. Please help
  • I assume you will respond to me in a timely fashion. Thank you for communicating
  • Sent screenshot to you. Hope it can be fixed so I am happy like Leonard! Thanks for your efforts
  • Doesn't work in 2019 or 2020! Please help.
  • Purchased and not working at all in AE 2020. Pictures comes in tiny, can't move or rescale. Not happy at all.
  • Pictures not showing up after identifying in polygon layer. What am I doing wrong? Want to buy this...
  • I am confused about X Orbit. IF I do a complete rotation it seems as if the item flips and the camera turns back. Is that correct? The Y Orbit doesn't operate this way. Thanks for an explanation
  • Thank you Orrin
  • Could you tell me the title and source of your music please? I assume it is on audiojungle.
  • Can't see to get this to work with Font Manager. Please advise. Works with Charactersitic fine.
  • Thanks. What do I need to do in Font Manager to make it show up in the text options. Currently only the jsx files are showing up. I also loaded up characteristic and it worked fine. Is there a how to install for non jsx file video. Thanks again.
  • Does this work with Font Manager? Thanks for your answer. JSX file
  • Hoping you respond here (comments are disabled on 3d board page) about the 3d flip board. Whenever I add a marker (using provided comps) the animation stops. I read the comments and have no idea what an expression parse is. Would love to buy the pr…
  • Love the script. Always have. I recently downloaded it and it extracts with winrar just fine...until I try to extract the control files and the archive. I get a message that the file is corrupted or damaged. Any ideas are appreciated. Hope I can fi…
  • I must be slow. The instructions for how to use it seem vague to me. Please advise or provide a step by step tutorial please. Purchased it.
  • FUN Script. Any more presets coming?
  • I have no idea how to enter code into an xml file. If I need to do that...I will need support to make that happen. Thanks again.
  • Submitted a ticket for support. Just purchased Springy...minutes ago. No expressions, no movement. Thanks for your help with this.
  • Love the script, but obviously making a mistake while creating new text.  After I followed the tutorial to a tee...the letter "A" renders by itself first, then all the other letters do.  Could you help me please? Thanks
  • Not sure my trial is working in cc2017. I know only abcd show up. But my ui panel only shows font/size/type and then scribe. In the composition I can access everything else...but not in the ui panel? Any ideas? Would buy it if this can be resolved …