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  • Good day, What is the max number that it can count up to? I am trying to go beyond 100,000 and cant go past beyond it. B
  • Good day, Bought the script. Can i change the size of the custom text like % or $ that i typed? I dont want it to be of the same size as my counting number so when i tried to highlight it and change the whole text will change in size rather than jus…
  • 1. invoke layer settings. if click on AE layers like null and solid it works. If click on layers like jpg and comp it says "could not run menu item "layer settings..." If i go back to click on AE layers like null and solid it will throw the error a…
    in KBar Comment by ben toh July 2017
  • BAO Plugins said: Hi Ben, it happened to another user, but I couldn't find what causes the crash.Can you open a support ticket so we can check it? Hope I can find the reason this time. Cheers,François Hi François, I've opened a support …
  • Hi François, I have error using bones on cc2014. When i apply the effect it says "after effects error: crash occurred while invoking effect plug-in "bones" Running bones on cc2015.3 works fine. Any fix for cc2014? Regards.Ben.
  • Hi Francois, This update is a lot less buggy and the viewport is working now. However as you said the indices is not accordingly to the names anymore and hopefully u can put it back for the nxt update. Purchased it. Thank you. B.
  • Good day Francois, Thank you for the prompt reply yes i found that setting in 'Render parameters'. Looking good now! Last question: The viewport will sometimes hang and just showing the composite layers even if all the layers are turn off. I have to…
  • Good day, I've been playing around with the plugin and using cc2014 it crashes will invoking the plugin once i drag to the layer. However using cc2015.3 the plugin works great. I have a major issue tho. It seems there is a slight drop shadow or blac…
  • Hi Zack, I've tried the script. Easy to understand. However i have tons of layers from psd/illustrator and i've already renamed them accordingly. Building01...Building02...Building03....redcircle01...redcircle02....and the list goes on. I dont think…
    in Prism Comment by ben toh November 2015
  • Good useful script, using the trial, i hit my first roadblock...what if i have numerous nested comps and the one that i need to control is right a the end of the nest. do i have to create a trigger null for each parent comps?
    in Trigger Comment by ben toh November 2015
  • Hi Jerzy, I tried the launching the snap script through ftoolbar2 and couldn't get the ctrl key to work. The shift and alt is working. I am using cs6, cc and cc2014. I cant get ctrl to open the setting dialogue box. I am using MAC. Regards.Ben.
  • Hi, If we only have cs6 or cs5.5 installed. How do we make use of your script to open a 5.5.1 file?