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  • I bought paint and stick several months ago. When is the new version official release going to be ready? You guys keep extending the beta over and over again.
  • Wanted to ask if there is a new version with more functionality to be released soon? I'm particularly interested in support for Element 3D.
  • Bought it and it's great! I'd like to request some video tutorials though to show how to achieve different setups. I don't think the PDF does an adequate job of explaining everything. Cheers...
  • Hi Cihan, any update regarding the High DPI issue? Can a scroll bar for the script UI be implemented in the next release? Thanks
  • Hi Orrin, Can the script be fixed to work with High DPI monitors? The UI doesn't scale properly and there is no scroll down bar so it's very difficult to access all of the options/functions currently. If you need a screenshot, please let me know and…
  • Hi Cihan, Can the script be fixed to work with High DPI monitors? The UI doesn't scale properly and there is no scroll down bar so it's very difficult to access all of the options/functions currently. 
  • Hi Cihan, Any news about the release date for the new version? Thanks Bill
  • Hi Cihan, Do you have an estimated release date for the new update?
  • Bought the script and love it. Hoping there are more chart types and customizable parameters in the next update
  • Here's another wiggle with rubberize project file using directional wiggle on the null. [value[0],wiggle(1,100)[1]]
  • If anyone is wanting to use wiggle to move the rubberized layer (and set the duration and intensity of the wiggle), you can do this by the following - * Create rubberized layer * Create Null Object * Apply wiggle expression to the null property (ie…
  • Hi Orrin, To overcome the limitation of not being able to apply wiggle directly to the rubberized layer, I parented it to a null then applied wiggle to the null. It seems to work fine. Still not sure how to set the duration of the wiggle though on …
  • Is there a method to have all the text stay in the composition dimensions? So if my comp is 1920 x 1080, I don't want any of the text to get cropped and/or disappear by being outside those dimensions. I would really like this feature added also.
  • Love your scripts! Any chance to get them ported to Cinema 4d as plugins in the future? That would be truly amazing
  • Not sure if this would be doable but it would be great if you can make a stationary object jiggle (like rubber or jello) when another object comes into contact with it. I know this would typically only be possible with dynamics but perhaps there's a…
  • Bought this yesterday and I love it! Any way to automate the precomposing of layers for those layers that require precomping? Or add a button on the UI that precomps the selected layer? Would be a little bit of a time saver.
  • Hi, I purchased v1 of this script a while back. Are you saying that upgrades aren't free to v2? If so, why?
  • I've been using this script for about a year now and it's just awesome! It's a vital part of my workflow and one of the few scripts that I just can't do without. Very intuitive and easy to use!
  • Huh? I certainly won't purchase your any of your scripts again then. It's the first time I've heard of having to make another purchase for an updated version of a script. I just purchased version 1.0 about a month ago. Great way to treat a customer!
  • Hi Mahmoud, I purchased this script originally from Videohive (version 1.0) but noticed I can't upgrade to version 2 because it's no longer on videohive. How can I upgrade? Thanks
  • Thanks Michael! If you could make another video with some more examples it would be great
  • Hi, just bought the script and am looking forward to using it. The instruction video isn't very clear though. Any chance to upload 1080p version so I can see the settings better (they're blurry at current resolution)? Also, will you be releasing mor…
  • Thanks Francois!
  • Hi, I purchased the plugin a while back and really love using it. I've noticed something a bit strange though since the last release. When I use squash and stretch, I'm not able to start pre-render from the beginning of the timeline. In order to get…
  • Hi, I'm trying this script before deciding to purchase and have a couple questions. (I'm using AE CC on Windows 7) - Can this script only create solids from Swatches or can I add the colors from the loaded swatches to other things like text, shape …
  • Hi, I purchased this script a while back and like it quite a bit. I wanted to ask if it's possible to add a refresh button somewhere on the script so that if After Effects is running and I install a new font (Windows), I don't have to close/restart …
  • Hi, When will this script be compatible with AE CC? Thanks
  • Hi Orrin, Not sure if this would be doable or not but adding a feature similar to AE brainstorm to a future version would be awesome! This way you could preview and choose from several animation/camera options.
  • Hi Orrin, Just wanted to ask if there's any news yet about when 3D text, motion blur etc..will be integrated into type monkey? Cheers...
  • Thanks again so much Francois! Any chance to add multiple brushes to a mask in a future version?