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  • heya, I just want to reiterate the post from Silas below, I've having exactly the same problems. AE 2022, intel iMac with a ton of RAM and a GPU. I'm pulling out your plugin after a year or so because it's suited perfectly to the task I need to do, …
  • hi there, I'm using GeoLayers 2 (yes, 2) and it won't seem to download map tiles. Is Geolayers 2 still supported?
  • the recent update reverse the direction of the the arrows Only just noticed as I was sending out render to client on a section of video I worked on prior to update. I can fix it easily on the next round, but in general, I'm hoping that plugins are …
  • hi there, this asked me which expression engine I wanted to use, Javascript or the legacy extendscript, which one should I be using?