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  • Please make this for Premiere Pro, too!  
  • This looks great! Question: Does it export the effects assigned to each individual clips? Thanks!
  • Hi, can't seem to get the app to connect.  It used to connect, but now it just sits during the "Logging in" process but never connects.  My login credentials are correct, so not sure what's up.  Also, odd, when downloading it again to make sure I ha…
  • I paid the full $20 for this script. It's going to save me hours of work and tons of frustration!  Excellent work Mathieu!
  • This is terrific.  Will be a great time-saver, and much more convenient than having to scroll through pages of purchases to find a specific title and it's update status.  Would be great if it also contained a "wish list" of scripts you want to tag f…
  • Hi, is this an upgrade to animationPATTERNS v1.21? I purchased that version last year around this time, and from the tutorial, it looks as though PRO is an upgrade rather than a new product.  If so, is there an upgrade price for those of us who have…
  • Holy @#$%. Amazing.  To where do I mail my first born?
    in TypeMonkey Comment by Ken Joy July 2013