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  • I absolutely love this!!! Only small issue - it wont let me create a shortcut for Trapcode Mir or Tao or Newton 
    in KBar Comment by Clare Swift June 2018
  • Having problems with it in 2018 - Hadn't really had chance to use it before - wont animate along a path, keeps hanging
  • Hi,Thank you so much for your quick reply. All fixed. Re-installed GeoLayers & no issues - Nervous breakdown officially over!! xx
  • Hi,Thanks for quick reply - All was working with AE cc 2017 (upgraded this morning) installed GeoLayers2 then crashes on opening during the 'Loading animation presets' Uninstalled as per your suggestion and its still crashing - any suggestions, I ne…
  • Just installed on AE 2017 and now AE crashes on loading - how do I uninstall this immediately
  • Using trial version in CS6 - using 2 Data sets - click Create Chart - nothing happens. Reluctant to buy unless I get trial version create at least something
  • Hi, how many data sets can it do, only seems to show 1?
  • Pity no CS6 support 
  • Looks like another great Monkey tool - pity there's no CS6 compatability
  • Yes, I'd love a copy of MEL script - my sole reason for being interested in this was the ability to use it with Maya renders
  • Does the Sticky Pass plugin work with Maya 2016?
  • Chris Vranos said: Clare Swift said: Am I right in thinking Paint & Stick is now compatible with CS6? - I know when initally launched, it wasn't It has always been compatible with CS6, however has never been compatible with CS…
  • Am I right in thinking Paint & Stick is now compatible with CS6? - I know when initally launched, it wasn't
  • Pity not compatible with AE CS6 otherwise I'd certainly be buying :-(
  • Hi,This sounds like a great script but having checked compatibility its for CC 2015 - so i guess if you have AE CS6 - it doesn't work??? 
  • Hi,Still having problems getting this to work on Shape or Text layers. I do preComp them.Any help would be really appreciated ThanksClare
  • Having problems getting this to work. Installed OK. Created text and it was suggested I preComp which I did. Hit rubberize and nothing happens