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  • Hi Wheesung,The update for CC2020 has just been released.
  • Support for CC2020 is now available
  • Release for After Effects 2019 is now available. It also now supports 16K outputs.
  • Karel Bata said: Looks great. What versions of After Effects is this compatible with? Hey Karel,Although Canvas 360 is compatible with older versions of AE, Canvas STK is only compatible with After Effects 2018. Mike SevignyCTO - Torus …
  • Duane Davis said: Hmmm, I wonder how much a kidney is going for these days? Hi DuaneWe have genuinely done over a year of R&D to make stereoscopic 360 compositing possible in Adobe After Effects. The tools are complete with 3D plugi…
  • Andy Davenport said: Hi, Does this product offer the same toolset as Canvas 360 Pro but with additional stereoscopic tools, or would I need to buy them separately? Hey Andy,Canvas 360 is for Monoscopic 360 content whereas Canvas STK is for S…