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  • Hey I can't seem to be able to get kbar to work on the latest version of AE. It install and displays fine, but I can't add, delete or move any of the buttons within the settings. When I hit delete it'll refresh the UI and the button re-appears.Have …
  • Loving this script so far! Thanks Would be great if we could modify all the shortcuts and not just the ones assigned to numbers/ the top bar. That way we can turn it into a mouse free ft-toolbar. The dream!
  • Thanks for this great plugin! I've only been using it for a week and its already saved me hours... Quick question - Is there any way of pre-comping the cloners and animated effectors? It currently unlinks everything but I was wondering if there's an…
  • Is there any difference between this and PreviewGenerator?
  • Works great for me!Any plans on adding compression settings, number of colors, alpha channel...?