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  • Hello again,what's the max OBJ size allowed? I'm keep getting an error message that says "OBJ size to large"... Element 3D however has no problem with importing the OBJ file... Best,Christian
  • Hello, I can't find a manual. Is there anyone? Regardless,a nice peace of plugin you developed there... Best,Christian 
  • Hi there, I am getting an error when trying to open the extension: "unable to execute script at line 324. Object of type function found where a number, array, or property is needed. Any ideas?
  • Hello there, I have an issue with the foxreveal plugin. I purchased it, installed it, but when trying to apply it to reveal shape strokes, nothing happens. When clicking "add source" a source is applied. However when I press "reveal path" …
  • Cihan Balunak said: Hi Tim, There will be an update soon. It will include normal line chart template. I will remind you. Thanks.. Oh no - just purchased your plugin today. Will there be a possibility to update?Best,Chris
  • Hi Cihan, where are is the data saved to when clicking the "save" button? Thanks in advanceKind regardsChris
  • Hello - i wan to use a preset, but geolayers tells me i have a missing plugin. It is "Mir" from Redgiant. The thing is - i have "Mir3" installed - any chance to replace to "mir" effect with "mir3"?
  • Christian Otto said: Same here - tells me my license it not valid... :-( After contacting the support we break it down to an AV/Firewall-Issue. Just deactivate those things while entering the license!
  • Same here - tells me my license it not valid... :-(
  • Hey.I'm not able to install the Trail-Version. Cannot open the zpx-files, although i'd downloaded it already thrice. Any suggestions?