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  • It renders 20 (out of 900) frames then stops and says it done and is missing frames? What gives? 
  • I really like the concept of this offering. I just wish there was integration with Premiere where most of my sound design starts. its always cumbersome to import sound libraries opening sub-folders in the project panel. I never do sound design in AE…
  • Nice plugin, but getting a black hue when I increase the fade out. Like its some transfer mode on the opacity??? Any help?
  • I tried this today, and the script works fine up to a point but when it gets to importing the clips, it simply stops working, what gives?
  • Any fix to the script for mac users. Using AE CS6 and AE CC and it only creates a pre comp. Please hurry would really like to use this script! UPDATE: Got it working, check the layer to be 3D Bam! Awesome script!
  • Okay here is my project file. Thanks for any help!
  • I get this error when loading multiple shape layers into Newton 2 "An error occurred when retrieving the geometry of layer 1. This layer will be represented as a simple box" This happens for each layer, how can I get around this error? On a Mac Pro …