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  • I currently own Kbar 2, which is great... but there are some things it couldn't' do. For example, I was unable to make a button to activate Newton because of where it is located in the composition menu. Has this been fixed in Kbar 3?
  • Is it possible to organise book-marked items into categories or category folders... eg 'Rigging Tools', 'Keyframe Tools' etc?
  • Hi, I'm particularly interested in the 'Export Comps as New Projects' facility. If I were to export a comp as a new project does it perform a collect of the assets? Does it also reduce the file to contain only the assets necessary for the exported c…
  • In the demo video the morph happens sequential from left to right or vice versa, Can it be set to morph all characters simultaneously?  Also... can it morph from italic to non-italic characters?
  • Is this compatible with 2022?
  • will this work in AE CC 2022?
  • Will you be updating this for compatibility with AE CC 2022?
  • I have Newton 3 and I'm trying to set up a KBar menu that I can launch it from. Problem is... although Newton manifests as a menu item in the composition menu, it's not recognised as a menu item by KBar. I've tried just about every other option I ca…
  • Will this work in cc 2022?
  • will this work in cc 2022?
  • Will this work in cc 2022?
  • Hi, This looks great but I have a question. I've been warned that grouping layers can cause problems if the project file is then sent to someone who does not have the software used to group the layers installed. If I were to use any of the capabilit…
  • Hi, Is it possible to import layered psds as comps retaining layer sizes? Can you set that as a default preset?
  • Will this work in CC 2022?
  • Will this work in cc 2022?
  • Compatibility says it's only compatible up to cc 2021. Will it work in 2022? Are you working on a 2022 version?
  • This looks really useful for my workflow but I often have projects I've built sent to others for further work. If a file built with Marker Remap was sent to someone who does not have it installed for amends of reworking, would they be able to work o…
  • Is this compatible with 2022?
  • Hi, I just bought this. I'm liking it so far but I have a few questions. Is it possible to create buttons for items in the'Add' dropdown on Shape Layers? Rectangle, Elipse, Fill, Stroke, Trim Paths, Repeater etc? I set up a button to create a new So…
  • Hey Lloyd, This is a really useful script for me. It's saving me a lot of time. If ever you're doing an update any chance you could do a version with each as a button in a IU panel so that I can dock it somewhere and just have it permanently open? T…
  • This looks really useful and would definitely save me a lot of time. I have a question though. Clients can be very strict about things like hover states. Say, for example, the clients site buttons and a normal state of blue but changed to something …
  • Hi, I bought this book and I've been following the tutorials. There's one I'm having trouble with. It's not because of the book but because AE is not doing what the tutorial says it should (I'm on CC2020). In the Time Remapping section you created a…
  • Compatibility lists only CC2018 and 2019. Is it compatible with CC2020?