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  • hello i'm trying to add the bang effect on a reactor i made, it's a layer in a comp and i d'like the bang effect to follow the reactor position...but when i add bang effect nothing is happening, any idea what i'm doing wrong?
  • i'd like to see an easy import in instagram programme from AE and PP
  • hello i have a no path found alert when i click on the the chess pattern , my library does not open, strange
  • hello i'm installing the jsx in script ui panel but that s say me there is a issue with the "couldnt find the fx gradient asset" where does it go? what is the process? thank you
  • hello i have a problem with abstract lines, now when i use it, it doesnt trim when i pute generate lines... i just have a green was working yesterday...but today only the cartoon is triming correctly, that's weird...and problematic i only …