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  • Hello!  Great plugin! I'm using Plexus 3 with GeoLayers 2. I'm finding that the "zoom" feature in GeoLayers is not working correctly with Plexus. The GeoLayers color texture maps and height maps seem to slide during the GeoLayers camera zooms. This …
  • Sorry, I just found the solution.  On the null layer, I just went into the null's effect pane and select PO Diameter / Hardness and edited the value that was set to 100 to whatever value I needed (200 in this case).  I guess in the next version of P…
  • Great script!  Is there any way for me to increase the "clone size" to greater than 100?  I'm working with 6K footage and even with the clone size set to 100, I'm not quite able to paint out my tracking markers.  Thanks, Michael