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  • Unmatchable usefull tool! Thank you.. A have just one small tip for GUI update.. As I am used to change labels palette (for example add white label for null objects), and I use the Labels 4.0 script, I am sometimes confused with dropdown menu in Tru…
  • For me is the dealbreaker lack of ability of use my own easing (I want to tune it and sychronize with other movements I have in scene ) - (sure target worked with keyframes, so there it was possible, as MC works with markers instead, it is not..) Is…
  • Hi. EASE COPY is my most frequently used script ever, so thank you for it. But.. I have a question.. Is it possible to add the Pass-through switch function to keybar "mode" of script? Or is it necesary to open native EASE COPY window for using this…
  • subscription? really? I am disapointed.. it looks cool, but no way with prepaid time.. I never know when I will need it and how much time I will use it.. So I do not want to pay every year, just to get familiar with the plugin.  One subscription to …
  • Please, Bear studios, Is this channel (aescripts) still alive? I looked at your website, where are newer versions for a long time and the script is not updated here on AEscripts.. I Want to buy it, but I do not want to buy a dead horse..  And what a…
  • Matthew Roberts said: Thanks Rafi I use KBar so much that I rolled back to an earlier ae Build. Please let us know when it's fixed, so I can run the newer AE. thanks The same here.. No life without kBar.. And autor should also fix the bug w…
  • Is it possible to link tools into the K-Bar? I do not want next UI panel, it eats lot of space and I want to keep my workspace clean and simple.. literally, it's own UI pannel is the dealbreaker for me..
  • How can I achieve motion effect on static object please? 
  • I am on latest AE version a FT-toolbar works still good..
  • Hi Paul,will your great tool work with the Malty's Simple Camera Rig? I tried it, but both scripts makes its own camera and I don't know how I could merge it to one.Ondřej
  • already bought it.. great tool, thx.One sugestion for future release: please add dividers for better visual orientation in toolbar with many icons.