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  • echo-ing those here as well, windows 11, latest AE, latest file hunter. Window will not open in AE from extension menu. Not even a checkmark next to the extension after initiation
  • Love the script, i noticed however it does not appear to work with 3D layers. 
  • 1.4.6 produces a black screen for me. Running latest Nvidia drivers with a 3090 RTX
  • Hey Zack - interested in using this script. What happens when I import media to AE using this workflow? Say I'm working "local", and I need to bring in a video clip. If this clip is local, does it remain local until I "delocalize"?
  • Why can't I auto-crop illustrator files? 
  • @mike The script Layer Storage works like this, but it hasn’t been updated in a few years. I’ve been finding edge cases where later storage will crash my AE. I was hoping squirrel could fill the gap. My goal was to use squirrel to create groups at…
  • Thanks for your response, Mike. I think I was not clear in the first post: I want to create at the highest level composition a group called "EFFECTS". By selecting this group + "Select Children", i've been toggling groups on/off. This is useful to b…
  • I thought this product would be a perfect solution for me: grouping layers into subjects and toggling those subjects on/off as needed. All works well, however I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong: are Pre-Comps not supported? For example, so…