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  • Hello,  The new version is soooo much better, huge thanks. I only see one default that's really disturbing, so I write to you in case of; I'm testing AEviewer on the last Cinepunch pack, a looot of files and here's the problem : if I want to see the…
  • Hello ! I always have a problem with Kbar, instead of the bar I have a Logger toolbar, which is like a Fly out menu, so I constantly have to close and reboot Kbar, sometimes up to three times to get a functionnal bar. Exactly like Fernando Colares i…
    in KBar2 Comment by Pierre Lemoine May 2020
  • Hi !  It certainly is a silly question, but can we couple BG renderer max and Render garden ? Like, build a garden of PCs with on each BG renderer ? Thank you !
  • Hello ! Thanks for this amazing script, is it possible to launch an adjustment layer with it ? It's the only button left ! Thanks !
  • Vraiment, vraiment classe, surtout si on prend le temps de se faire des icônes. Sur le terrain la créa va beaucoup plus vite (même avec FX console) seul bémol on ne peut pas lancer les scripts dans le UI panel (souvent pratique car il rend les éléme…