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  • Lloyd Alvarez said: You might like using AEVIEWER! AEViewer is awesome for a lot of things.  Bought that a while back and it's great for importing but doesn't actually fix the project window when you have that in your project.    Would b…
  • Error image JavaScript Alert - file:///Library/Application%20Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/Aeviewer/index.htmlPlease restart Extension- Restarted extension > same problem- Restarted app / computer > same problem  Also a pop up saying new vers…
  • So now this doesn't work properly in CC2019 and hasn't been updated in 3 years is there any alternative? Or is anyone clever up to making one? 
  • I wonder if I'm the only one to spot that you spelt Animation wrong in every comp in the video? Awesome plug in - will be buying . 
  • Hi. Great Script. The most important thing for me would be a batch export is that possible?  For example. Select 100 comps in the project window and they convert?  Oh and any chance of this in the next week?  I am working on a project that needs 62…