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  • Hi again Francois, It seems I'll be pestering you for a while, sorry for that!  I am trying to parent facial features to the character so I can animate them separately. The same would go if I wanted to put an object in his hand, I'd need that separa…
  • Thank you! No cause for alarm then.
  • Just one more question. I quickly exported the short animation I created with Bones and, on the video, there are some sort of guides visible (attaching an image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwmpN3Y1qrFjcjQ2YndocHZkNkk/view?usp=sharing). Is this…
  • Hi Francois, Thank you for your answer, I understand now. I thought that Puppeteer was supposed to be some sort of master control but I wasn't able to keyframe it! I got the animation working now, using the separate bones, Distort 3 Points, just as …
  • Hi Francois, I'm trying your plugin and I find the rigging part awesome so far. However, I can't figure out the animation part. I'm just learning After Effects, so if my question is stupid, I apologize in advance. I was looking for a way to keyframe…