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  • How do I completely uninstall this? I can no longer open After Effects 2020.
  • How good is the translator?
  • AWESOME. Thanks for the workaround!  Sincerely,Peter
  • Jumping into Eleanor's question/comment, you don't have a write-on effect, but can you reveal an image with the mask brush? I tried and tried today but couldn't work it out. Could be a user error, but it never hurts to ask. Thanks!Peter
  • Yep, that worked! Thanks so much!
  • Where's the export tool for exporting Photoshop brushes? Thanks,Peter 
  • Hey, Chris! Happy New Year, sir! This is great script! I wanted to ask you quickly.... ...I'm new to frame by frame animation and was wondering, how does this differ (or beat) Photoshop's frame by frame video animation? I have a lot of artist brushe…
  • Hey, Casey, This is not a comment about the product, just about the video. Since this is not a one-use internal video (at a biz conference for example), you need to be very careful when using licensed music, especially when it comes to making money …
  • Thanks, Wlazinski, for the response.  I have a better understanding now, however for future reference, it's helpful to mention this, either in your demo video or the description.  Sincerely,Peter
  • I have a general question - I added simply an Opacity on a paragraph (HD 1920 Comp, 8 lines of text at 108px large), and even at a Third resolution, it seems to take forever to Preview. Is it normal for this script to be so RAM-intensive? It's a nic…
  • Hey, OtherCubed. I downloaded a trial of this script, and it's really powerful, I must say! It's awesome but takes a long time to preview...I only did five shapes, no background, at half-resolution and it took quite a while to preview 5 seconds (I h…
  • Ryan, This script was the BEST! I did a project with my first entrance into 3d, and before I found this I was so frustrated. This really saved a bunch of time.  Thanks for making a great script. Sincerely,Peter Baker