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  • Hey guys: Looks like a very interesting tool. Does it work with vector files? (.esp or .ai) Thanks!
  • Good day. I have followed the Motion Land tutorial ( on how to create an animated typeface step by step (around 12 times) and I get the same result no matter what font I attempt to use. "Can't find 'name o…
  • Once installed, where is it located in AE?
  • Hi, I sent a ticket in but I think I know the main issue. From all the information I read here, including the tutorials and such, you are just concentrating on Mac. I have tested the script on 2 PCs and 2 Mac, all under the same firewall, with the s…
  • Just purchased. Downloaded the ffmpeg bin files using the options available (update and manually). Restarted my desktop and it does not work. Get an error message that I do not have the ffmpeg file... etc. Have the latest AE (Adobe After Effects CC …
  • Gentlemen... this is a massive time saver. It is a tool I have been searching for a long time. Movement and style have never been so stress free. Thanks! If there are more presets, let me know. Always looking to stack up my tools. Cheers, Eddie