Stuart Rankin

Just bought True Comp Duplicator v3.9.8 absolutely brilliant. 
Stuart Rankin
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  • Regan Robinett said: George Stoll said: Hi there, Purchased the other day. I'm working in AE 2020, version 17.0 on a Mac, Catalina 10.15.2 and the plugin crashes everytime I try to apply it. The error says, "crash occurred while invoki…
  • Does it work in CC2019?
  • Can you make classic line charts using these scripts?
  • Looks interesting but seems you haven't updated since 2015. What's latest release of this? Will you be updating it at all?  Thanks Stu
  • Hi Cihan, I keep getting errors...  1. Data is too long...The first 5 elements of your data will be used, others will be ignored. 2. Data is improper!  Please select another column or change wrong entries. The file is a csv file. It has # Title and …