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  • Here's another random exclamation of how much I LOVE this plugin! I also had no idea there was an updated version ... did I miss an email?
  • Man! There's no doubt that your glow looks way better than AE's default. My boss bought me this plugin today and I'm really excited. Am I using this plugin wrong, though? Am I supposed to add it on top of the default Glow or replace it? I basica…
  • Mike Overbeck said: Ah, I think I understand. To control your three layers' rotations on three separate sliders on a slider null do this:let's assume you want your maximum rotation to be 180 degrees and your timeline begins at frame 0:frame 0…
  • Yeah hi, it's me again... Now I have 3 layers, and I want to control their rotations with a single instance of Sliders that has 3 sliders on it. Does that make sense? So far I've been able to get 1 Slider with 1 slider that controls the rotation…
  • A-ha! You may already have documented this somewhere, but in case anybody else comes along looking... If you want a Slider with separate Position, Scale and Rotation sliders: Frame 1: P/S/R all set to origin value Frame 2: Different Position, all …
  • Hey Mike! I'm getting some weird results and am a little bit confused as to how sliders work... Have you made any slider-specific tutorials? I've watched everything in your Vimeo and YouTube channels, and read the PDF... I've got an object that I…
  • I bought this yesterday and thought I'd share my love for it. I know, it's not even Halloween yet ... sorry ... All characters use the exact same joystick controls. Now to make a head/face rig!