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  • I think there's a bug regarding the "Image sequence" file type option. I have a PNG Sequence ready to be decluttered. I press the button- yet, it places it under my "Footage" folder, which is set for video files. While my "Image Sequence" folder sta…
    in Declutter Comment by elad bari August 26
  • Hey! I was wondering if this script could have an option for automatically numbering each new marker in sequence? (First marker will be 1, next one- 2, etc..)
  • Joe Burke said: Can you elaborate on how the "Save in Project" feature is suppose to work. I have not been able to find any information on it in the accompanied plug-in document. I assume it is suppose to write the note to the AE file, under …
  • Hey! Is there a way I can assign 2 extensions under the same folder? Under the AI folder- I need *.AI + *.EPS to both go under this same folder. Is that possible now? Or this demands adding a feature?
    in Declutter Comment by elad bari August 16
  • Hi there! Superb script! Wanted to suggest these, please: 1. The ability to custom choose your Temp folder for the renders.     Best thing would be that the script displays the location where it's easy to see, to prevent users rendering into a diff…