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  • mike gurtek said: Looking forward to the Apple Silicon release. By far one of most versatile and practical plugins. Element 3D and Maxon Red Giant Trapcode particular are collecting dust At least those two are working properly on M1
  • zsolt balogh said: Any luck using Stardust on m1 macbook pro max / monterey? I tried w ae 21 and 22 but it crashes straight away when applied.I wrote to superluminal but so far did not receive answer, i can’t downgrade to big sur so pretty mu…
  • Looks amazing! Have to avoid Exposure though, already went for Lockdown.
  • Bill Pettinelli said: Can you install someone additional KBARs to our existing ones. For instance if a friend gave me his backed up KBAR settings can I load them into my KBAR settings without it overwriting my own existing KBARs? Yes pl…
    in KBar2 Comment by elmer kaan April 2019
  • Ben Fisherman said: It is impossible to add a non-standard item from AE menu, for example "Newton 2" or "Un-PreCompose". It finds only standard menu items. Also, the window size of Kbar is reset when AE is reopened.If Kbar has an extension bu…
    in KBar Comment by elmer kaan October 2017
  • Dominik Schacht said: Hi! Is there a way to get a "close other timeline panels"-button? Couldn't find it in regular menue items... Thanks in advance! You could get "Malty: Closer" and add a button to open the script. 
    in KBar Comment by elmer kaan October 2017