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  • simple question. I noticed you had an info window on the right that told you how many unfilled slots you had on your letters, I don’t have that in my info window, how do I get that info, thanks.-Steve.
  • after clicking shapes, I get- no eligible layers found. I have 6 circle shapes in my comp, I must be missing something.
  • Sometimes Dormant is not dormant, What am I missing? the gravity brings it down before object "A" hits object "B"
  • It seems it's much better to work with shape layers, text is bit slower, anyway to speed up text movement and preview?-Thanks.
  • Anyone know why there is a little hick-up often at the beginning when you hit there play head? it's like it jerks a few clicks, I first noticed it when using the pivot joint, then another time as well. thanks.
  • Motion Boutique said: steve schmitt said: Hey guys, just purchased Newton 3, but where are all the tutorials, I'll need a few to get me going, thanks.-Steve Tutorial specific for Newton 3 are on their way. But you can find genera…
  • Hey guys, just purchased Newton 3, but where are all the tutorials, I'll need a few to get me going, thanks.-Steve
  • Hello, when I apply super lines to a path etc, it doesn't show up in the effects panel, when I click apply to position I get a new file, but still no effect.
  • Hello, thanks again for the great plug-in, I know this question is old, but- When I add a object, clone it, add effector,  and try adding a second object with the same clone and effector, I run into a situation where the same effects don't work on t…
  • basem alideeb said: Jakob Wagner said: basem alideeb said: how can I add additional object to the previous set cloner ? If I understand your question correct. You can do that by selecting all the layers you want to use, and…
  • Hello Jakob, digging the plug-in a lot, can easily pay for itself in one night of work.what does "ReferenceError: Function I is undefined" mean?just getting that error suddenly when I try and adjust curve, falloff or other parameters.-Thanks
  • Hello MamoWorld, digging the squash & stretch Pro bundle, But curious what the best way is to make an object bounce down a ladder, In your video the square moves around in this video game setting from one bounce to the next, when I apply several…