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  • Labels is locking up Ae v22.0.1 (build 2) on my 2021 MacBook Pro M1. Opening the Labels Pane causes a beachball and forces a restart.
  • I'm getting a white "Page failed to Load" in my Kbar tab. I'm running Ae 2021 on Mac OS 11.4 I tried updating Kbar to 2.0.6 and un-installing and reinstalling, but the issue still persists. Was working fine until today.
    in KBar2 Comment by Rob Travis June 2021
  • Separate Delay for each of the Points would be a super helpful feature.
  • Hugo van den Doel said: Hey I can't seem to be able to get kbar to work on the latest version of AE. It install and displays fine, but I can't add, delete or move any of the buttons within the settings. When I hit delete it'll refresh the UI …
  • Hello, the assets archive is damaged and stops at Grass-Mudy-3_Albedo. I've tried with both the built in macOS archive utility and Unarchiver, as well as re-downloading the archive.