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  • Not working in AE 2022 & I've installed the latest version using GifGun's own installer. This is the error code I am receiving:"Unable to execute script at line 3212, null is not an object" I am on a new MacBook Pro M1 Max, 64 GB RAM, OS Montere…
  • I've now also added a hint in the Installation Guide: Thanks for adding that, I think it's helpful. And yes, I'm sure it will save me a lot of time in the future. Using it on a current project &…
  • I wish it had said somewhere you had to restart C4D after licensing. I wasted half an hour trying to figure out why it would only export 15 frames.
  • Just bought this as well. Doesn't seem to work with parented objects? Seems like a huge gap. I set up my position keyframes and then parented those to a null to add rotation. It only honors the positional keyframes. Is there a workaround? If not, th…
  • My scripts are not appearing in order for some reason in my menu. Any way to fix this? The script looks great & runs well but without being able to add/use a shortcut kinda stinks. 2015-10-01 …
  • Can I pick the install location? Right now I use Dropbox to sync my scripts & plugins.
  • Great product. I've been working through the basics video & when I add a GEO Shapes layer (the United States), I keep getting this error: After Effects warning: Unknown Exception. I am able to RAM preview the first half of the animation zooming…
  • I tried uninstalling & re-installing. For some reason that seemed to work. I'm using Dropbox to sync scripts. No issues now. Thanks! Great script!
  • It's a little hit & miss. SS was working. Then it wasn't. Now it is again. Some of the keys are working, such as selecting groups. Moving to first, mid, last. But I still can't select strokes, fills, etc .. And no errors of any kind are popping…
  • The only part of this that's working for me is Isolate. Nothing else does anything. AE v Yosemite 10.10.4 Macbook Pro.