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Newton crash

Sep 13, 2023 by Motion Boutique

We have isolated 3 different issues with Newton3 on macOS. We don't have knowledge of issue on Windows.

With AE 2022 and above, Newton will crash when you have the effect "Mocha" applied somewhere in your project. It will crash when you try to open menus or when you are over an edit box.
To solve this:
-Remove any instance of Mocha in your project.
-Save your project (or a copy of your project)
-Relaunch AE.

Newton will sometimes crash when you are using a tablet (like Wacom).
-Disconnect the tablet when using Newton.

Newton will sometimes crash when you are using a second monitor.
-Disconnect the monitor when using Newton. You may fix this bug by connecting the monitor while Newton is running and this should fix this issue.

Newton will crash if you use the Blob joint with anything other than dynamic objects.

We are trying (really) hard to fix those issues.

If you think you have found a bug or strange behavior please open a support ticket: send us your AEP (without the source) and include a description of your issue.
If you can join the crash report generated by macOS it will be really useful for us (the one generated by the Adobe Crash Report is not useful).

We would love to know what was your issue and if you were able to fix it.