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Product Subscription FAQ

Mar 11, 2023 by aescripts

Where do I check the status of my product subscription?


You can check it in the 'Product Subscriptions' tab in your user account.


How do I cancel a product subscription?


In the 'Product Subscriptions' tab, click on the subscription and click on 'Cancel' for Upfront Subscriptions or  'Cancel Auto-Renew' for recurring subscriptions.

If you have canceled Auto-Renew, your subscription will be active until the expiration date. We do not offer refunds for the remaining time after cancellation.

Please note that upfront subscriptions can only be canceled if they are within the refund window


My subscription is expired, how do I renew it?


If you have an upfront subscription then you simply need to purchase a new one. For recurring subscriptions click on subscription and the 'Activate' button. If you do not see this button please open a support ticket for assistance.


How do I update the card on an existing product subscription?

  1. Update the card in the 'Saved Payment Information' tab 
  2. In the 'Product Subscriptions' tab, 
  3. Click on the subscription you would like to update
  4. Click on 'Update Payment Methodbutton.
  5. Choose the new card (If you don't see the new card please make sure you added it correctly in step 1).
  6. Click the `Continue` button



For existing subscriptions, you must update the payment method for the specific subscription (step 2 above), just adding a new card to your profile only affects new purchases