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Firstly I'd like to thank you and all the team at - the support and resources you provide are really invaluable and have massively helped me in my career as an animator.
My company turned 10 this May, and to celebrate a decade in the industry we've revisited a favourite early Robot animation and given it the full 2014 reboot treatment. There's quite an interesting story behind the production process - it wasn't as straightforward as we had initially hoped to translate a 10 year old project into a good looking, kick ass, HD version. The reason I thought it might be of interest is that we relied heavily on Plexus 2 and Element 3D to achieve the desired results - and I've explained the technical process in more detail in the video description on Vimeo. We wanted to use Cinema 4D at first, but it became clear early on that we couldn't convert our original sequence made in Poser 3.0 into usable OBJ files, so we had to change tactics and rely totally on After Effects - Plexus and Element 3D REALLY saved the day! Also key to the process was Rowbyte Separate RGB, Magic Bullet Looks, and Poser 3.0 (running on a 2001 iMac G3!). 
It turned out to be a quite a convoluted process, but despite all the challenges it was a really fun project to work on and definitely worth all the extra efforts. I'm really happy with how it turned out.
And here's where it all began - 'Electro Boogie (2002): The Original'
I hope you enjoy it!
Many thanks for your time and keep up the great work.
Best regards,


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