Great KBar overview tutorial by SideshowFX including free icons download

Tools used

Author Notes

This After Effects tutorial gives an overview of the After Effects script KBar available on

In this video you will learn to create your own customized set of toolbars to make working in After Effects easier and more convenient with this script. Make the creation of your animations quicker and the development of your motion graphics more cost-effective. We cover the seven different types of buttons you can use including:

 Apply Effect 2:54

Apply Preset 6:55

Set Expression 8:02

Include Menu Item 9:43

Open Extension 11:28

Run JSX/JSXBin File 12:15

Run Scriptlet 13:06

Whether you are a motion designer,compositor, UI developer, title designer or just an After Effects enthusiast, you'll find this script useful in many ways.

My customized toolbar featured in this video is available free for download. Visit



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