Awesome music videos created using Motion Mosh by Alana/Aí Vi

Tools used

Motion Mosh 

Author Notes

ATARASHII GAKKO! (@japan_leaders) released their album last week and my best and most talented pal (@geo.graphicdesigner) and I worked together to create visualizers for it swipe for some process aka discord calls and playing with plugins. overall the project was about a month from start to finish and in that time, i traveled from sac > la (without my laptop packed lmao), london > puglia > london > york (with laptop finally) > london > salzburg. thank goodness for hard drives, decent internet and a borrowed setup.

Motion Design/Editing: me (Omakase, Maji Yoroshiku, Forever Sisters, Arigato, Drama)
Special thanks to @brogesworld for designing the tissue box on Drama and Geo for truly being the master and putting up with me. ily both
Plugins: @aescripts Motion Mosh on Maji Yoroshiku + Omakase, MXM on Hero Show + Maji Yoroshiku, @videocopilot_official VC Orb on Forever Sisters

i’m cringing at all the sloppy mistakes and minor teeny tiny glitches watching them back now but oh well now i rest and reflect for a long time in the austrian countryside


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